Searching for Elegance

When you create multiple connections from the same module, they accumulate graphically as they should.  Previously though, they didn’t deccumulate (if I may make up a word). New connections were added to total number of connections a module had, even if they didn’t have them anymore.  I had simply forgotten to reduce the number of outputs.  No biggie.  But then I found something very frustrating.  If you create multiple connections between two modules. then kill them in the opposite order, everything works perfect.  Try and kill them out of order and poof, the whole system breaks down.  I tried one solution, and it kinda worked, but I quickly realized that I’d need to create separate lists  of connections for each side of the module and it just felt clunky.  Plus, it had some bugs.  I just think there is a more elegant solution eluding me at the moment.

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  1. It’s getting there!

    When you connect or disconnect a USB device, the entire bus is enumerated again. You may want to employ a similar strategy here. Not that the USB bus re-enumeration is problem free, because that can also cause problems. I suspect that pointers get moved. Still, what would be wrong with the reassignment of all multiple inputs when one is removed?
    Or, for that matter, added.

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