Connections You Can Believe In…And See

Ok, so you still have to use your imagination while making the connections, but once made you’ll actually be able to see them. And as an added bonus, when you make more than one connection from a module, it adjusts the position of the first connection.

One little problem I’ve found so far, when you click on an existing connection to kill it, it doesn’t reset the output point of existing or subsequent connections. This was anticipated, but I don’t know how to deal with it right now.

I’ve also switched to using global variables to track the modules and connections.

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  1. 1. It would be nice to see the “wire” as it was being connected.

    2. The connections appear to accumulated. Connecting an output of a module to the input of another initially draws the connection in the middle of the right side of the input module. If that connection is erased and then redrawn, the connection point on the input moves down. This is as if the previous input still existed.

    3. Removing an input should result in the reevaluation of all inputs. Removing an input should reduce the number of inputs to be evaluated. If there are no inputs, a default state should be impressed.

    4. How difficult would it be to attach inputs from a module located at a higher position than another module with an input to the same module input at a higher point?

  2. 1. no kidding. It was the thing causing me the biggest headache, so I scrapped all the work I had done on it and just focused on the important stuff. Now that the other stuff is working, I’ll go back to it.
    2 and 3. Yes. This was my plan. I’ve also fixed some bugs in this version already and just haven’t posted it yet. The creation of a new connection should also fire the engine of the second module (I think). What you can do, which is interesting, is create multiple connections between the same modules, so for instance, a button sends a value of “1”. If you drag multiple connections from the button to the Add module, you get the sum of the connections.
    4. Hmm. No clue how this would work. Doing this automatically would probably be the easiest solution, rather than drag and drop, but I’m not even going to attempt this just yet.

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