Version 0.1.95

So I’ve picked a naming convention. This is version 0.1.95. 0.1 meaning very very pre-alpha and .95 to mean the SVN revision number. I’ve fixed some bugs from the last version.

  1. First a module can’t connect to itself anymore.
  2. In the last version, if you hovered over the left input area of a module, then clicked and dragged a connection from one module to anywhere on the stage and released it, it would draw a connection to the first module you hovered over.
  3. The LED now outputs it’s value correctly, allowing for a chain of LEDs.
  4. The Button and Switch can both receive input ala NeatTools, however, unlike NeatTools, they don’t exhibit their down behavior when fired. They simple pass through the value.
  5. The size of the output and input areas has been changed to more closely match NeatTools. Plus it’s easier to hit.
  6. And I’ve re-added the round button that will cycle through the connection drawing options.

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