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So I took a little detour on actual progress, and took a stab a some alternative looks for the modules.  To this point the modules were drawn using the drawing api in as3.  I decided to design a button and an led in the Flash IDE and then bring them into my project as graphical assets.  I’d ultimately like to have skins for this, I could do an original NeatTools skin, but I though I would try an remove some of the ambiguity of the original modules, and make them a little prettier.  No functionality yet, I have the LED on state ready to go, I just need to code it.

This movie requires Flash Player 9



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  1. The switch looks very much like one of the switches I’ve put in a few hardware designs. I like it.

    It would be very neat indeed if one could take a photo of a device and emulate its functionality using NewNeatTools. Might I recommend a 2 row x 16 character LCD display next? Although an LED, like a CMD CMD15-21VRD might be the next logical rendition.

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