A Fresh Start

So, it’s been a while, and I’m making a change to the site.  Basically, I’m expanding the scope of the project to include my recent decision to take the the updating of NeatTools upon myself.  For the moment, the goal is just to create a stable version of the current functionality of NeatTools and to bring it into the 21st century (just a few years late).  This will require, obviously, working in C++, something I have basically no experience with.  I can make a mean, “Hello World” program, though.  I do have general programming experience, and I’m hoping that I can acquire the required knowledge.  I’m also giving myself a year to do this (this being, learn C++ and fix NeatTools).  So ambition isn’t going to be my problem.

I’ve set out some milestones for the process.  I’d like to create an external module. I’d like to create an internal module.  I’d like to update the UI.  And probably some more things I can’t think of at the moment.  I’ve already gained enough knowledge to be able to screw NeatTools up pretty badly while still compiling, so there’s that.

I’m going to track my progress and hopefully I’ll see this through.  I think I don’t enough to be too daunted at this point.  That may change, but here’s hoping I can stick it out.  Wish me luck.

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